Zielonka Germany Natural aluminum-free deoderant, blue
Zielonka Germany Natural aluminum-free deoderant, blue
Zielonka Germany Natural aluminum-free deoderant, blue

Zielonka Germany Natural aluminum-free deoderant, blue

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  • Zilofresh by Zielonka natural air fresheners and deodorizers Made in Germany
  • The long lasting all natural Body Refresher Stick helps you avoid unpleasant body odors with a perfume-free, natural approach
  • While most natural deodorants mask odors with other smells and bad chemicals, Zielonka’s products go straight to the source for noticeably fresher smell.
  • Great for sensitive skin, No synthetic fragrances or perfumes.
  • Easy to use, while your skin is still moist from the shower rub under your arms or elsewhere on your body.
  • Save Money - No follow up costs for replacements or refills.
  • Important! Before first use wash the disc under warm water with a degreasing dish soap.




How the magic works, as explained by our scientists, and simplified so the rest of us can understand it. 
Think of odors like a chain of different pearls, that together create a pattern. If you cut the chain so that you only have the individual pearls, the pattern disappears. Odor is also a chain made up of different fragrances so if you cut the "smell chain", the scent disappears too. When our products come in contact with water and oxygen it naturally breaks the “smell chain” thus neutralizing the odors. 

Zielonka Made in Germany.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and create eco conscious and sustainable products for you and your family!

We have been in the stainless-steel manufacturing business in the Solingen region of Germany for generations and we had discovered the deodorizing capabilities of the stainless steel that is unique to our region almost by accident. For years there was one machine that all of our employees requested to transfer to and we looked closer into it to see why.

As you can imagine, operating heavy machinery produces some pretty heavy odors, and around one of our machines, there were no odors, we found that this machine was processing our stainless steel products, so we took some of the steel to our laboratories and started experimenting, only then did we realize the great benefits that the product can offer so we perfected the natural deodorizer and are proud to offer it to you today.