ELO Square Grill pan 11inch

ELO Square Grill pan 11inch

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  • Easily grill in the comfort of your kitchen all year long 
  • Constructed from durable cast aluminum with a non-stick coating 
  • Induction capable 
  • Energy efficient core helps spread heat evenly throughout the pan  
  • Dishwasher safe 


Highest Quality German Cookware:

With a focus on quality and functionality, we stand for cooking with pleasure and success.

Smarter healthier cooking for a smarter healthier you! Our technology allows you to cook with less oil and water to capture more  of the essential vitamins in your food. 

We take pride in our constant betterment towards perfection, for the last 80 years we have consistently raised the bar, and we have the awards to prove it!

ELO, three letters that bring joy to chefs and home cooks worldwide!