The spatzlepress

Our bestselling classic spaetzle press from Westmark is perfect for making traditional German spaetzle, or any other kind of noodle! It’s also great for making mashed potatoes, riced vegetables, and purees. The notches on the front allow you to easily rest it above a pot while you make noodles.


Item fun fact: the spaetzlepress can be disassembled for easy cleaning. It's also an excellent potato ricer!


Reviews from real customers:


“I love this spaetzle maker! :) It makes both excellent spaetzle and fantastic mashed potatoes!
This thing is nice and sturdy, and very well-made. It's a solid piece of equipment.
The pin that holds it together comes out easily so you can take the two halves apart to make cleaning it easier. The metal has some sort of coating on it that makes cleanup easier as well.

All in all, a very good buy. I think of what a pain it was to make spaetzle with a colander before--this is a breeze by comparison! (And don't get me started on the board method. It's impressive to see a skilled cook do it, but I'm too clumsy for that.) This device also makes nicely-textured mashed potatoes. (I'll be getting rid of my old potato ricer now, which seems to waste a lot of potato and which is a bear to clean.)”

--B in CA

“I tried making spätzle with other devices and failed miserably! After breaking the last device I tried to use I went online and searched for an authentic German spätzle makers and after reading many reviews on several different models I ended up ordered this one. It's honestly the best! Very, very easy to use and easy to cleanup as well. The recipe that was included with the device is perfect too, much better than the one I was using. The first try was my first real success and it was delicious. This will be used on a regular basis in our home!”

--Susan J Rogozinski


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