The Monopol Ah-so Cork Puller!

Do you like wine? Do you like fine aged wine? Remove corks from aged wine bottles without risking breakage and recork bottles with the Monopol ah-so puller. This handy device is elegant with a matte finish, engraved holder, and gift-worthy box. Its looks and functionality make it a great present for a host or a housewarming! Made in Germany.


Item fun fact: the top of the ah-so can be used as a beer bottle opener.



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“I had bought this "Butler's-friend" Wine bottle opener for corked bottles of Absinthe using wine corks. One of the brands is notorious for it's brittle corks! I heard this opener was right for the job and bought it. When it came to opening the cork it did a great job but halfway the cork split in two! No problem because this opener can handle such a blunderous situation where other wine openers would fail! I took the broken half off and put the opener back in and extracted the rest of the cork without a problem! No headache and no bits of broken cork in my bottle!

I can without a doubt say this is an amazing product! It removes corks no matter how old or brittle! A must have for Wine and Absinthe Drinkers! If you age your bottles or buy vintage bottles BUY IT! I would recommend this product to anyone! It is well worth the money, top of the line, tough, suave looking. Plus the handle doubles as a bottle opener!

10/10 Great quality product, Highly recommended!”

-Anonymous Rogue


“This is a good product. It takes some practice, but it works as described when used properly. I work as a waiter at a wine bar, and 95% of the time my trusty wine key does the job just fine, but when I have a guest who brings an older bottle I make sure they see I have the proper tools to open it without breaking the cork. For the price, it has already paid for itself in better tips and return business from big time wine drinkers who know I'll treat their bottle with the same care they aged it with.”

-Tom K


“This tool has now saved the day more than once. For older corks, a traditional type of cork screw won't generally work without breaking the cork. I have used this multiple times now and it's easy to get the hang of. I would highly recommend this item as it's well made and come with a nice matching protective case.”

-Bob S


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