The duplex egg slicer

The Duplex Egg Slicer!


The duplex egg slicer allows you to slice your eggs quickly, easily, and evenly in just one motion. It’s made of high-quality cast aluminum with individually mounted wires for a more durable slicer. This German-made product is everything you need to slice eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, and more—the perfect tool to help busy people eat healthier!

Product fun fact: You can slice eggs into circles or ovals, depending on how you position the egg.



Reviews from satisfied customers:


”Great gadget that should be in every kitchen. It works great to slice eggs for a salad and make egg salad by slice it the first time and turning the egg and making another slice. This gadget helps a busy family stay on track on eat healthier options.”



“I purchased this for our restaurant with the intention of slicing mushrooms. In the past we had used an egg slicer to slice mushrooms but the egg slicer that we had been purchasing (for double the cost) would break after several weeks of slicing mushrooms. We LOVE this slicer! It is incredibly efficient. We can now do a case of mushrooms in approximately 5-10 minutes! Huge time saver! The cooks never want to be without it! Extremely sturdy and has saved me a ton of money in labor and additional egg slicers!! Thank You!”




“Here's the thing: It is a TIME SAVER!!! I am literally able to make salads, pizza, fruit salads for my guests that otherwise I wouldn't have time to prepare, in my busy life. One time, for example, I was making a dish that required slicing a strainer full of mushrooms, and my guests would be here in 20 min., and it needed to cook. I had that dish on the stove in 5 minutes!

The other thing is, it's not like a motorized food processor. How cool is that? It's so SIMPLE!

If you need to slice bigger things, like a peach, you can cut them into chunks that fit into the bed of the slicer, and slice away! Happy slicing!”

--M. Bienert


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