This classic cheese slicer is a bestseller for good reason! Its aluminum frame makes it lightweight yet sturdy, and its sharp stainless-steel wire and rolling mechanism make even, smooth slicing effortless. This is a well-made tool that’s truly a joy to use.


Item fun fact: We’ve heard of people using and loving rollschnitts inherited from their parents and even grandparents. That’s a quality product!


Like all Westmark products, the rollschnitt cheese slicer comes with a five year warranty.


Rollschnitt reviews from real customers:

“Outstanding Cheese Slicer. I have had one of these for years and years. Picked one up on a trip to Europe many years ago. So many years ago that my original model is marked "Western Germany" so you know that has been around a while!. The German name for this device is "Rollschnitt". After any years of use, the cheese-cutting wire broke. I was thinking about replacing that wire with a used metal guitar string. I have tried other rolling type cheese cutters and none worked as well as my original Rollschnitt. The cheese would stick to another model which had a big fat roller. With this cheese slicer the cheese is nicely sliced without having to pry pieces of cheese off the roller.

I did a search on Amazon for "rollshcnitt" and to my amazement this device came up. I ordered it and it arrived today. It is made by the same maker as my original rollschnitt. The handle on the new model is nicer and even better it is packaged with two replacement cheese-cutting wires! Otherwise the design seems to be identical to my old rollschnitt that worked so well for many years. I am happy that they didn't mess with a great design. Used it this afternoon, and it worked like a charm (as I expected it would). Wonderful device.”


“This is exactly like a cheese slicer my German grandmother used...and I'm so happy to have found it. It has no moving parts, other then the roller that just glides over the block of cheese, and by that I mean there is nothing to break or adjust like screws or anything. The thickness of the slices can be changed by simply changing the angle of the handle as you draw it across the block of cheese...hold it upright for a thicker slice, or flatten it out for a paper thin slice. This is so much easier to use than my cheese plane, especially on softer cheese. The plane just couldn't handle it. This is so well made I expect it to last for a long time.”—P2burner


“I typically do not write reviews but I felt I had to take a second to say what a great cheese slicer this is. I know its just a cheese slicer but considering I have had to throw so many cheap ones away over the years and finding a good one proves to be rather difficult I felt it was worth mentioning the quality of this one. I actually enjoy using it since it feels like such a well made tool. It even feels good in your hand. I doubt I will ever need to purchase another one. I will likely purchase several more for the other cheese lovers in my family and use the disclaimer, look I know its just a cheese slicer but seriously you will love it.”—Amazon customer


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