Introducing the Spiromat!


Do you want to serve vegetables in fun, visually appealing shapes? Do you want to make curly fries or healthy vegetable “noodles”? The spiromat is here to help! It has three interchangeable blades for thick or thin julienne slices or spirals. Its four suction feet keep it standing securely on your counter, and its three stainless steel blades make spiralizing easy!


Item fun fact: the blades can be stored inside the base of the spiromat when not in use!


Some reviews from satisfied customers:

“Love, love, love this thing. I have been making oodles of zoodles and it couldn't be easier. Love the storage of the blades in the housing. It is very sturdy and works like a charm on everything I have tried so far: zucchini, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers to date. I was most impressed by the way it cut through the hard sweet potato without even flinching. Recipe hint: use the flat blade to make sweet potato strings/chips and pan fry them in coconut oil with coarse sea salt - top on burgers or just eat for a snack. to die for!

It is super quick and easy It took me about 30 seconds to spiralize a good sized sweet potato. Takes less than 30 seconds to get through some huge zucchini that I grew in my garden. The suction cup feet are strong on my smooth (granite) counter - your mileage may vary on other counter types.

Clean up is a snap. It is fully immersable, so I just swish it (blades and housing) in soapy water in the sink. If bits of veg get stuck in the blades a quick swipe of the kitchen dish brush takes it off and then rinse. That's it! One of the best (and healthiest) and most cost effective gadgets in my kitchen.”

--Saledar Empress


“I bought this after purchasing (and returning) a hand-held spiralizer. I recently sliced off a fingertip with a kitchen knife, and upon inspecting the handheld spiralizer, decided my remaining fingers simply were not safe that close to those sharp blades. This spiralizer, however, fits the bill. It works much like an apple corer/peeler/slicer--just pop your fruit or veggie on and crank the handle, and you get beautiful "noodles." My children actually fight over the spiralized carrots--I can't make them fast enough. I've been sauteeing the "noodles" with a little bit of salt & pepper, and also replacing pasta with zucchini. This is a fabulous tool for anyone trying to eat more plants. The blades are sharp, the suction cups work great. No complaints here!!!”



“Update: 2 years after regular use and it still works and looks like new! Great purchase :D
I love it! My Westmark spiralizer arrived today and I used it with some sweet potatoes and jicama... the noodles came fantastic. I tried all the blades and they are amazing at producing exactly what I am looking for, well define shapes and easy to use. I like that the color is an off white almost like a light grey and the blade pieces are red. My experience with the white plastic items is that they get stained over time, so that's also one of the plus sides of the Westmark for me personally. I read the other reviews and FYI the product I got was made in Germany and it came without a manual... but no need for that, as the box has clear pictures about the results using each blade and there are plenty of videos and recipes online. I don't know about durability, but that's not the point of this review and I will totally recommend it.”



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